A Place to Share and Learn

One of the biggest reasons why we have been doing this work for so many years is the chance to interact with fascinating people--be they at our clients or as part of the network of "remarkable people" with which we and our colleagues at GBN would often collaborate. The sharing of observations about the world or a particular industry, or the synthesis of these to see broader patterns of change, has always been a fundamental part of the scenario development process. The ideas and insights in these conversations are the result of a ruthless curiosity about why things are the way they are--rules of the game, social norms, competitive behaviors, fast or slow technology adoption, financial dynamics, etc.--and a strong desire to challenge whether these assumptions should hold in the future. This in turn requires a multi-disciplinary ability to look beyond a given area of expertise and connect to other topics, influences and places. It also requires looking at an issue from many lenses and levels--at both the broad, macro forces and the unique, sometimes quirky, dynamics of a given industry or segment of the market.

This blog is meant to carry on that tradition of asking good questions and making connections between what is going on in our world at large, our jobs, and even our personal lives. That may sound like an excuse to write about almost anything--and it is! However, we hope, in the spirit of exploration, that the approach of "consider first, judge later" will be acceptable to those of you who read this. We also hope to create a space for dialogue and learning. So look forward to seeing others' ideas and challenges as part of this site.


Matt & Steve

Matt Ranen