Place strategic bets in the face of uncertainty.


Scenario Planning and Strategy

While it’s impossible to precisely anticipate the shape of future markets, seeing the full, plausible range of possibilities leads to more decisive and adaptive strategic choices. Together, we’ll work at the intersection of data, technology, economics, politics, culture and society, and envision how these forces will drive your industry in new, often surprising, directions. I bring ideas, process and a point of view to you and your organization’s leadership to help frame decisions in new ways and create strategies that trigger action.  

Changing mindsets

Making difficult decisions is often as much about leadership's commitment to change as the ideas themselves. It’s important to match the form of intervention to the specific organizational context upfront. Some organizations require extensive scenario exploration and strategy development programs, while others may achieve results with one-time events that inject new thinking into existing conversations.   

Tackling big issues

While every organization is different, most projects orient around the following concepts:

Technology - How new changes in communications, analytics, and automation will disrupt and reconfigure the business of consumer products, industrial manufacturing and healthcare organizations in surprising ways, create new forms of competition, and open up opportunities for innovation.

Market Disruption - How the reorganizing landscape of product, partner, consumer, and government regulator ecosystems will shift where and how value is created in the technology and media sectors.

Big Data - How evolving policies, social norms, and economic behaviors around "big-data-enabled" business models will make certain applications more or less attractive to pursue.

Global Changes - How the foundational rules and systems that underpin global companies are shifting in an increasingly multi-polar world—responding to trends in trade policies, emerging market economies, energy and environmental pressures, financial markets, and nationalist cultural sentiment.

The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new lands but seeing with new eyes.
— Marcel Proust